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DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 240EX AIO Cooler Review

A Closer Look

As we noted earlier, there’s been a lot of fuss made surrounding this AIO liquid cooler and at this point you might be wondering why. Well, rest assured that this has more than a few tricks up it’s sleeve that, in our opinion, make it one of the most attractive coolers currently on the market.


The radiator design is a fairly standard one for 240mm AIO liquid cooler. In fact, the only remarkably thing at a glance is that it doesn’t have any branding. Nope, no GamerStorm, no Deepcool, nothing. This is 100% devoid of anything other than black sleekness.

The radiator vents have a coil design which is the popular option in more modern designs. This should, hopefully, translate to some nice head dissipation performance.

Pump Block

The first thing you will notice about the pump block is that it’s a lot taller than the vast majority of designs seen from other cooler brands. Standing at roughly 4″ tall, it is in fact close to double what you would consider usual. There is, however, a very clever reason for this.

A view of the side highlights just how tall this is, but you will note an open and close sticker? Whatever could that mean?

Well, and this is where it gets clever, the GamerStorm Castle 240EX gives you the option to fit your own custom logo to the centre of the pump head display. In combination with the RGB lighting effects offered, this gives you the change to put some very bespoke choices in your cooler. I’m not going to say this is unique, but I’ve certainly never seen a system that made it this easy before!

Contact Plate

The contact plate has a nice squared design that should give fantastic coverage for all of the major processor socket types. It does come with some pre-applied thermal paste to make things easy for you too.


As this is a 240mm AIO liquid cooler, it does (of course) come with 2 120mm system fans. Surprisingly, these are not RGB fans, but do carry some rather impressive aesthetics none the less. You will, for example, note the slightly pattered edge to the fins.

I believe that these fans have been custom designed for the GamerStorm Castle 240EX and, as such, are the only cooler in which these feature. Well, at least at the time of writing. We do, therefore, hope to see some impressive cooling performance from them while also (hopefully) keeping things quiet!


When fully assembled, the cooler carried a very smart and sleek presentation. Admittedly, things start looking hugely better when the lights are turned on and, in truth, the pump head has some of the best RGB effects we have seen on an AIO liquid cooler.

As above, it is somewhat surprising that the fans don’t have any RGB lights. Such seems to be the nature of design with everything these days. I do, however, rather like this and think it’s a smart move. Not everyone, after all, likes RGB and at least with the GamerStorm Castle 240EX, where it has been used is amazingly impressive!

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Mike Sanders

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