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DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 240EX AIO Cooler Review


Starting with the manual, the good news is that it’s really good. While there isn’t a lot of written information (likely to make it convenient for various countries) the diagrams and instructions provided are nice, clear, and very easy to understand.

That doesn’t mean to say, however, that everything is a walk in the park. For example, fitting the mounting bracket to the pump head is fiddly work. Not only doesn’t the bracket want to stay in place, but the tension on the pump cables always makes it want to move. It’s one of those jobs that’ll be 10 times earlier if you had a 2nd pair of hands.

While mounting fans to the radiator is always something of a chore, fortunately the screws supplied with the Castle 240EX only have a rather small thread so not many turns are required. It should, however, be noted that they were unusually still. Something that might concern something fitting an AIO for the first time.

From out of the box to fully assembled, the GamerStorm Castle 240EX took me around 20 minutes which is about the usual time for a 240mm cooler. It is a little bit fiddly at point and the relatively short length (and tenseness) of the hose pipes doesn’t make it any earlier.

Fortunately, however, the mounting system to fit this to your motherboard is simplicity itself and with only one RGB connector, the cabling is very easy to contain and manage. Overall, this isn’t bad and should be perfectly fine for beginners or experienced hands.

RGB in Action

As this cooler only has RGB lighting to the pump head, you may wonder if they’ve gone overboard. The short answer is, no. The colour range and brightness is absolutely fantastic and can, of course, be controlled either with the manual adaptor or via your motherboards sync connector.

As you can see in the above and below image, however, a simple removal of the cap means that the logo can be placed at any 90 degree angle you wish. Just think of what designs you could put there yourself!

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Mike Sanders

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