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DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 240EX AIO Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time of writing, there were no confirmed UK retail listing for the GamerStorm Castle 240EX. It is, however, on sale in American for $119 and we believe a similar Sterling price can be expected. We should, as an important side note, make it clear that this model is not to be confused with the Deepcool Castle 240EX which is similar at a glance, but very different in presentation and performance.

We have, however, been told that this cooler will retail for a price in the region of $120 (so expect around £100). While this is a little pricey for a 240mm AIO liquid cooler, don’t be confused into thinking this is an entry-level design. This is, as far as we’re concerned, one of the best out there!


We really love this cooler and not for any one particular reason. Starting with the aesthetics it looks brilliant, practically faultless. In addition, having RGB lighting just to the pump head is a fantastic compromise for those who aren’t particularly fans of it in their systems. This, of course, shouldn’t overshadow the fact that you can apply your own custom logo to it as well!

This is all topped off by performance figures that clearly shows this to be one of the best 240mm AIO liquid coolers out there. Yes, it doesn’t do quite as well when overclocked with those fans can get rather noisy at times. If you don’t ever plan to overclock, however, this is a great cooler for many, many, reason!

Should I Buy One?

I like the fact that in a market flooded by all-singing and dancing RGB coolers that the GamerStorm Castle 240EX has offered the world a path to sanity. In almost every area this is a great cooler and, in truth, if it wasn’t for the slightly vocal overclocking performance, we’d call it practically perfect.

For those of you, however, looking for a great AIO liquid cooler with more than a few options to make it your own, then the GamerStorm Castle 240EX is, without a doubt, one of the best currently on the market.

Yes, it might have been hyped prior to launch, but it was 100% entirely justified!


  • Excellent design
  • Fantastic compromise for RGB lovers or haters
  • Amazingly strong performance at stock levels
  • An AIO liquid cooler that offers you a way to customise it!
  • One of the best 240mm AIO liquid coolers on the market


  • None


  • Does get considerably louder when overclocking comes into play.
Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 240EX AIO Liquid Cooler

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Mike Sanders

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