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DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 280EX CPU Cooler Review

Around a year ago we reviewed the DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 240EX and, on the whole, we were very impressed with the level of cooling performance it provided. If you do, incidentally, want to see that review, you can check out the link here. In something of a logical step, however, DeepCool has today announced the launch of its new (and slightly larger) GamerStorm Castle 280EX.

DeepCool GamerStorm Castle 280EX

As the name might suggest, while this is essentially the same cooler as the Castle 240EX, the larger radiator (and, by proxy, fan size) in this new Castle 280EX release should provide even better levels of cooling performance. As such, this could be an ideal solution for those of you with chassis designs capable of holding this slightly beefier AIO liquid cooler!

Based on our prior review, we go into this already knowing that this should be a great product. Let us, however, have a reminder of some of the excellent features this cooler provides!


  • Anti-Leak Technology
  • Large copper cold plate with 25% more skived fins (Supports TR4)
  • Efficient pump design optimized for performance and noise
  • Swappable custom logo
  • 5V Addressable RGB with motherboard software support

Technical Information

For more in-depth specifications, please visit the official product page via the link here!

Socket Compatibility


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