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Deepcool GamerStorm MF120S RGB Fan Kit Review

A Closer Look and Performance

Well, since this is a triple pack of fans, you may not be overly surprised to see three fans; ta-da!

There’s also a crap-load of cables and hubs, and seriously, I’m not just being crude for the sake of it; there are loads of other bits and bobs in this box.

There are a few fan speed restricting cables.

A whole bunch of fan cable and RGB cable extensions.

An on-cable RGB controller for those who don’t have a compatible motherboard.

A PWM fan hub for those who don’t have enough motherboard headers.

With a sticky back so you can mount it in your case!

Then there’s a multi-port RGB controller bridge, which can be daisy changed and has spare ports for your CPU cooler, more fans, etc.

Also with sticky plastic, but also magnetic!

The Fans

The fans themselves are unlike anything else on the market; at least that I can think of. Rather than having a housing that runs around the fan, they have a skeletal frame in an X shape. It still results in a 120mm spacing mount on the corners, but the housing comes inwards rather than around the fan. The end result, a pretty darn unique and freaking cool looking fan.


If that wasn’t unique enough, they’ve also been given a superb looking dual-fan blade design. There are smaller fins on the end of the fan blade. This is to push more air and reduce noise; pretty much the quality we all want from our fans.

Not that they’re cutting edge when it comes to airflow, but they’re certainly competitive with any other high-end fan like this. They’ll move 45.4 CFM at around 33.4 dBa each. They’ll spin as low as 500 RPM up to 2000 RPM. However, with the limiter cable installed, this can be changed to 400-1500 RPM range; this also drops them to around 26 dBa.


The frame is pretty unique and features a two-tone sandblasted aluminium design. It is a light colour, but I think it’ll work just fine in darker colours PC cases as well as lighter ones.

RGB Performance

The lights are extremely vivid. Of course, you can dial the brightness up and down as you desire, if you don’t want it to be too bright. However, for the sake of this review, I’m keeping them cranked.

The colours are properly fantastic though, throwing out a lot of light through the fans too. This is great for those putting them in their PC case, as it’ll give you the light bars on the front of the case, but plenty of interior illumination too.


The on-cable controller is superb, allowing you to cycle through all of the effects easily enough. However, there are a LOT of profiles. So if you skip past that blue fade you love, you’ll have a few dozen button presses to get back to it.

All You Need is a Montage, MONTAGE!

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Peter Donnell @Xavilend

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