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DeepCool Reveals its New Gammaxx GT ARGB CPU Cooler

A little under 2 years ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing the (now original) DeepCool Gammaxx GT air cooler. While you can read the review via the link here, the short version is that we were very impressed with it.

Yes, it wasn’t an amazingly potent high-performance level cooler, but it did offer some excellent RGB lighting effects while still being a more than competent air cooler. All of which, we might add, came at a very wallet-friendly price. Just how much did we like it? Well, I have been using it regularly since the review as my ‘go-to’ cooler thanks to its performance and very easy installation method.

Following an official launch announcement, however, DeepCool has essentially revised this design for a brand new cooler. Offering various aesthetic and performance tweaks, the main highlight is that the DeepCool Gammaxx GT can now be purchased with ARGB compatible lighting effects.

DeepCool Gammaxx GT ARGB Air Cooler

So, you might be wondering if the addition of an ARGB compatible fan is the only difference between the models. While, while on the whole, this is more of a revision than an entirely brand new release, there are plenty of new improvements that are well worth pointing out.

  • The fan is now a PWM design with an improved speed of 1,650RPM (based on the original which had 1,500).
  • The top plate and fin-stack design has been altered to now show the ‘DeepCool’ logo

It does, however, seem that despite the inclusion of the new fan, the CFM rating has been lowered to 64.5 from 70 CFM. So, there is a little bit of a give and take from the original here. The ‘give’ aspect, however, certainly seems a lot more substantial.


  • Black top cover with A-RGB logo.
  • 120mm PWM fan with upgraded performance and A-RGB lighting.
  • Lighting system can be controlled by either included wire controller or motherboard.
  • 4 new-tech copper pipes improve heat transfer and dissipation efficiency.
  • The new fin-mounting process elevates ventilation.
  • The brand-new foolproof mounting kit makes GAMMAXX GT A-RGB easier and safer to use.


For more in-depth details as to the specification of the DeepCool Gammaxx GT ARGB air cooler, please check the official product website via the link here!

When is it Out and How Much Will it Cost?

The DeepCool Gammaxx GT ARGB is expected to be available to purchase in the next few weeks. In regards to the price, sadly nothing has been confirmed yet at the time of writing.

Based on the price of the original model, however, we would expect this to cost something in the region of £50. Yes, perhaps a little bit more than you were hoping for. If the performance of this latest model, however, is even only as good as the original, it’s a very solid option that would suit the vast majority of PC consumers.

What do you think? Do you like its design? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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