DeepSilver Stream An Hour of Risen 3: Titan Lords

/ 3 years ago


Risen 3: Titan Lords is currently being prepared for release on PC in mid-August, and as Deep Silver work to build some hype for the title they’ve taken to Twitch to stream an hour of gameplay.

They used a relatively early build of the game, so there is still a good bit of stutter and other issues, but it’s likely this was the most stable build of the game at their disposal. They also suffered some issues with the stream that left the first few uneventful minutes a bit wasted, so skip through to about 12 minutes in to see where things get going and the hissing noise on the stream has stopped.

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The game does appear to be shaping up nicely, good graphics, a good size gaming world and more that should keep fans and new comers of the series happy. Either way, we’ve not got long to wait until we can get our hands on it, lets just hope these stutter issues are resolved before release.

Watch live video from DeepSilver on Twitch

If the live stream doesn’t work, you can check out the video on Twitch here.

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