Dell Becomes The First PC Maker To Adopt A Wireless Charging Standard

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Desktop and laptop maker, Dell, has recently joined one of the world’s biggest wireless industry consortium, Wireless Power Consortium, namely the Alliance of Wireless Power, or A4WP for short.

The A4WP has announced that Dell is the first PC maker to adopt a wireless charging standard, joining other big name manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, SanDisk and others. Apparently the A4WP is about to standardized a method of wireless power transfer which uses near-field magnetic resonance tech. Their project name is called Rezence, which is said to be able to charge multiple devices at the same time.

“The development of magnetic resonance technology will improve the customer experience when it comes to wireless charging and bring the capability into more homes and businesses over the next few years,” said Glen Robson, Dell VP and CTO. “We are excited to work with other industry leaders in the A4WP to deliver on the promise of easy, flexible wireless charging across an array of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.”

Nothing has yet been announced or even rumored about when Dell is planning to implement the new technology in notebooks or other mobile devices or equipment. However, the idea itself is quite remarkable, since you can charge multiple mobile devices at the same time. Another thing to ponder about is whether or not it will be more efficient than the old style cord charging principle.

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