Dell Blames Windows 8 For Financial Problems

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft is one of the companies that supported the Dell Private Buyout with a contribution of $2 billion USD. Yet Dell claims that the Redmond-based software giant are still partially at fault for the financial problems faced by Dell.

In a statement submitted to the U.S securities and exchange commission, the SEC, Dell said one of the main reasons it opted to go private was because of the slow uptake of Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 8.

“The deteriorating outlook for the PC market as a result of, among other things, smartphones and tablets cannibalizing PC sales, the uncertain adoption of the Windows 8 operating system and unexpected slowdowns in enterprise Windows 7 upgrades, and faster than expected declines in PC shipments in emerging markets,” the statement reads.

There are no sales figures currently released for Windows 8, but market research estimates do suggest the uptake is slow. We think Dell is probably right to assume that Windows 8’s poor performance has hindered consumer PC sales, but last time I remember Dell were bragging about how an almost total shift from the consumer market to enterprise solutions was sending their profits through the roof. Given Windows 8 is a consumer product it seems strange they would blame Windows 8 for their own poor financial performance when they claim to be now mainly dependent on the enterprise marketplace which shouldn’t be affected by Windows 8.

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What do you think about Dell blaming Microsoft for its own misfortunes?



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2 Responses to “Dell Blames Windows 8 For Financial Problems”
  1. Ultracer says:

    I personally didn’t buy a Dell laptop since it come with Wins cr8p.

  2. Wayne says:

    Let’s make Win 8 the scapegoat. It’s can’t be all Dell’s fault. Impossible. It’s very easy to shift blame.

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