Dell Inspiron Duo arrives

/ 7 years ago

With 2011 fast lining up to be the year of the tablet, you start to wonder what will become of standard laptops. Well, it appears Dell are preparing a best-of-both-worlds, the Inspirion Duo, PcAdvsor reports.

The old problem with notebook tablets was the fragility of the hinge, as due to the rotation of the screen, it could only be put in one place. Dell have attempted to to solve this, with a screen-frame that stays in place, while the screen itself rotates.

Expected to come packing an intel Atom 550 (2 cores at 1.5Ghz), with a decent GPU this could well replace some laptops, as well as being a strong contender against other tablets, due to the simplicity of having a proper built-in keyboard, and more powerful components.

Sources suggest the tablet will be launching as early as next week, just in time for the christmas rush.

As long as the screen hinges here are up to snuff, we could well have a beautiful lovechild of a tablet and a netbook on our hands.

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