Dell’s Project Ophelia Coming In July

/ 4 years ago

Dell has been working on Ophelia for some time now, an Android based smart device with a difference, it has no screen!

Ophelia plugs directly into a displays HDMI port, from where it can then run apps and act like a computer, gaming device, or perhaps even a set to box with the advantage that you can simply plug and play on any HDMI display and take it away with you when you’re done.

Because the device is Android based, it will have access to services like Google Play where it can get software, gaming titles, movie and more. The device is said to feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that will allow you to use cloud storage applications or stream files over your network should you need to.

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Dell says they will be demonstrating the Ophelia system on both a 19″ and 55″ display at the Citrix Synergy conference in LA, although they did originally show off the device as CES2013, unfortunately the eTeknix team didn’t see that one.

Obviously the devices will ship to software developers first but in August it should be available to purchase or via cable companies and telecoms companies who can offer it with wireless data plans, not to mention the ideas Dell have to pitch the device to the enterprise market.

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2 Responses to “Dell’s Project Ophelia Coming In July”
  1. J Mclean says:

    Wow thats….already been done, by several companies.

  2. d6bmg says:

    Sounds promising….

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