Demand For Fingerprint Sensors To Soar This Year

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Global demand for fingerprint sensors is expected to soar in the second half of this year as the Android platform has begun to mainstream support for fingerprint sensors and related applications. According to Digitimes several companies are already gearing up commercial production of fingerprint sensors and sensor modules. The expansion of fingerprint sensors could even expand among more mainstream Android phones in the budget price ranges as MediaTek holds a stake in one of the large fingerprint sensor companies Goodix. MediaTek may even push to integrate fingerprint sensor support into some of their affordable mobile chipsets.

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It will certainly be interesting to see if fingerprint scanners continue to grow unimpeded by privacy concerns. I find it astonishing how people are becoming ever more paranoid and concerned with their privacy yet are willing to start using various new technologies that have significant potential to compromise privacy. Certainly mainstream fingerprint scanners will open up new opportunities, but also risks, for smartphone users.

Source: Digitimes

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