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Demon’s Souls Remake Gets Speedrun Inside 20-Minutes!

Demon’s Souls, despite being a PS5 launch title, is already reaping the praise from it’s highly-anticipated and truly excellent, remake. It is, quite honestly, (and despite its early doors appearance), already well cementing itself as a ‘must-have’ game for the console. As you might expect with any ‘Souls’ title, however, it didn’t take long for the speedrun community to dive into the game and find out just how quickly it could potentially be beaten.

Well, following a video posted on YouTube by user ‘Distortion2‘, Demon’s Souls can now officially be beaten in under 20-minutes! – Albeit, as you might expect, it’s pretty much entirely down to an unanticipated coding glitch.

Demon’s Souls Remake Speedrun!

As you may be aware, the main portal for traveling between locations in Demon’s Souls comes through the Archstone’s. It has, however, been found that if you force shutdown the game between very specific load and save points, the code will have a bit of a brain fart. More specifically, the game will get moderately confused as to where you actually are and what you’ve actually done!

While it is a bit technical in how the glitch works, the execution is, largely, pretty simple and through it, you can essentially fully unlock all Archstone locations in an area while avoiding the death-induced nightmare of traversing the locations and various enemies in wait (usually hidden behind a corner).

If you want a better idea of how this ‘wrong warp’ glitch works, you can check out the video below.

What Do We Think?

There is something of an irony that this isn’t the first time a ‘wrong warp’ glitch has been used by the speedrun community in a ‘Souls’ game. For example, Dark Souls 1 can be beaten pretty rapidly thanks to a similar (albeit, far more complicated) setup.

In this particular instance of the Demon’s Souls Remake, however, this discovery has almost certainly come by accident rather than code digging as, based on how you create it, I can certainly see this happening in a general playthrough with literally zero intention. – It will, therefore, be interesting to see whether FromSoftware will attempt to patch this out (if, indeed, it’s possible!), or perhaps, more so, if thanks to this, even further glitches can be found to drop that speedrun time down even more!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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