Demonoid domain name sale banned

/ 5 years ago

Everyone by now has heard of the Demonoid demise. If for some reason you haven’t, then see the stories below for a recap:

A Demonoid admin had recently put three Demonoid domains up for sale. The reason behind it wasn’t known, it was suspected to raise fees for a legal defense. Now it seems that passage of hope has been swiftly shut. The .com and .ph Demonoid domains have been delisted due to legal reasons. Obviously, the domain is by far the most valuable option for any bidders and so with that one banned from sale, hopes of generating revenue to cover legal fees have disintegrated.

“Due to possible legal issues associated with this domain, Sedo is not able to offer services for the domain. Please consider selecting an alternative domain.”

Interestingly, the .me domain which acted as the primary Demonoid address for more than a year, has not been de-listed by Sedo.


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