Demonoid domains up for sale

/ 5 years ago

If anyone had a shred of hope that Demonoid might be coming back, then now is probably the time to lose it. All Demonoid-owned domain names are now up for sale, suggesting the death-knell for the company. Although, they are being sold by Demonoid themselves, suggesting that there are still Demonoid administrators who have yet to be taken into police custody.

Optimists are saying that the sale of Demonoid based domain names is a move taken by the surviving administrators to raise money for a legal defence of the site. Whilst pessimists think either the domains are being force sold by the appropriate authorities or the remaining administrators are trying to get as much money from the corpse of Demonoid before running as far away as possible. I happen to lean slightly more towards the latter., and are all up for sale on Sedo, a site that specializes on this type of transactions. Whatever happens now it seems likely that someone is going to make a quick buck off the purchase of Demonoid domains – I wouldn’t even be surprised if a rival BitTorrent site saw this as an opportunity to profit from Demonoid’s demise.

Demonoid was one of the oldest BitTorrent sites still around and was the largest remaining sites that ran both an indexer and search engine as well as a tracker.


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