Demonoid to be back online soon after DDoS

/ 6 years ago

A week has passed since the highly popular BitTorrent site “Demonoid” was forced offline after a DDoS attack. The sole tech administrator responsible for the site issued a statement saying it will still be a while before the site can return. The DDoS resulted in a series of problems that may take a while to address. Thankfully the site administrator doesn’t intend to throw in the towel anytime soon.

“I don’t plan on shutting down, but if Im going to fix it I have to do it properly. That means upgrading a lot of our 7 year old hardware and maybe bringing up the beta only,” the admin told TorrentFreak.

Apparently the admin has received a stack load of offers from people wanting to help out, but given the nature of the site its probably wise that he has yet to accept any of the offers, and potentially risk exposing sensitive site data.

“I have gotten a few offers to help but that means giving way too many privileges over the user data to a stranger…Can’t have that,” he tells us.

Users will have to be patient, long term users of the site will know that this isn’t anything out of the blue. Over the years the site has had its fair share of downtime, sometimes disappearing for months on end.

“You know how it goes with demonoid. It might take a while but it will come back,” the admin concludes.


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