Designer Creates Disposable Smartphone Batteries

/ 3 years ago


A designer has created disposable smartphone batteries, described as a “vitamin for your smartphone”.

The small, cardboard encased batteries, allow you to get a little emergency energy boost when you need it. They come in 2 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour sizes, and are designed to be tossed away and recycled when you’re done with them.

Tsung Chih-Hsien, who won a prestigious Red Dot Design award for his creation, says that the batteries could be sold at convenience stores in perforated sheets, allowing you to tear off a battery when you need one.

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We’ve seen a host of different back-up and additional batteries for smartphones – with the most famous perhaps being the Mophie Juice Pack. That product is rechargeable, but does require you to practically wrap it around your phone and costs quite a bit too.

The design of these batteries however allows you to keep charged up as and when you need it, and they should only cost just a bit more than your average Duracell batteries.

Source: FastCoDesign


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5 Responses to “Designer Creates Disposable Smartphone Batteries”
  1. Maysin says:

    Bad ass!! but.. instead of making disposable ones that will have a 95% markup why not make rechargables? Oh wait I just answered my own question.

  2. More stuff to toss in our landfills, outstanding! Give the man a Nobel prize.

  3. Wayne says:

    And Duracell aren’t exactly the cheapest brand of battery around. I see it only being good for emergencies, most of us have already adapted to poor battery life and have our own workarounds already in place.

    • Ryan Simmons says:

      That’s why I said Duracell. They’ll be priced within the boundaries of regular disposable batteries, but I bet they’ll be towards the higher end of that bracket.

  4. Nathan Lloyd says:

    wonder how long it will take for someone to snap a battery inside there phone?

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