Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Install Size and Price Revealed

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The new and improved Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is almost here and just in time for its release, the game has appeared on the UK PlayStation Store ready for pre-order, but not without two surprises for eager gamers.

First of all it has been revealed that the game will need a staggering 58.4GB of storage, you didn’t read that wrong. Obviously this isn’t too much of an issue given that I’ve yet to meet anyone who has filled their PlayStation 4, but with games of this size, it wouldn’t take more than 6 or 7 installs to fulfil that task. Of course I just uninstall games after I complete them, but perhaps Diablo III could push some gamers to upgrading their internal hard drive a little sooner.

The second surprise comes in the form of the price, once again Sony have priced the game stupidly high for digital download, the game will set you back £59.99 for a digital download, and you would have to be thick as anything to pay so much for it. Not only can you not trade in the digital copy, but you can pick up a copy from Amazon for just £44.00 and retain your right to sell the game once you’re done with it.

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The game is set to release on August 19th and brings with it all the DLC for the game, all patches and updates, 1080p graphics and a solid 60FPS frame rate.

Thank you Gamepur for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Gamepur.

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