Diamond USB 3.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Multi-Display Adapter Review

Final Thoughts


Pricing information for the Diamond USB 3.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Multi-Display Adapter is a little tricky to nail down. While Diamond recommends a $64.99 (US) MSRP, I’ve seen them go through re-sellers for everything from £30-60 here in the UK and $59.83 in the US. Regardless of the exact retail price you pay, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s still a much lower price than a new dedicated graphics solutions, such as a new video card, or in extreme cases a new ultrabook with extra display outputs.


I really like this device, at least to the extent that you could be excited about a USB to external display adaptor. It’s not the most interesting product in the world, but it does deliver a practical and very cost effective solution to a specific problem and that’s no bad thing.

Build quality is very good, with a nicely finished plastic housing on the actual adaptor, as well as durable screws and gold plating on all of the included connectors. There’s no doubt that this is a good quality product and it’s about as good as you could expect for this kind of device.

Since the unit operates from USB 3.0 and only outputs to a single display, it can run directly off of the power of the USB 3.0 port, which means there no need for an external adapter. The range of included adaptors means you’ll have no issues connecting virtually any type of display to the unit and furthermore, the driver installation is quick and easy, only requiring a small file that could easily be placed on a flash drive. Overall, this is a great desktop solution for expanding your displays, but it’s small, cheap and easy enough to setup that you could keep it in your laptop bag; perfect for that one day you need to plug into a projector to give a presentation, or watch some movies on the big screen.


  • Affordable
  • Practical
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Portable
  • Great build quality
  • Good range of connectors included
  • Doesn’t require external power cable


  • None

“If your desktop or your notebook has a limited range of display outputs, this is a cheap and easy way of expanding your workspace, or connection to external display devices such as projectors. A simple yet very effective solution.”

Diamond USB 3.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Multi-Display Adapter Review

Thank you Diamond for providing us with this sample.

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Peter Donnell

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