DICE bans Battlefield 3 “Boosters”

/ 6 years ago

Battlefield 3 has been subject to numerous bugs, glitches and exploits since its beta release a while back. The latest surge of exploitation is known as “Boosting” and DICE has responded with a wave of bans to a technique that is technically within the rules of the game and not cheating. Boosting is done by playing on a hardcore server, 2 engineers must work together one with an EOD bot and one with a repair tool. The engineer with the EOD bot must shoot his own EOD bot so it sustains damage then the other engineer must repair to accumulate the repair points, this can easily notch up around 1000 points in a minute. Then players can swap to help boost each others level, hence the Boosting.

Via Twitter, DICE reported, “This week we’ve banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped accounts for exploiting (such as boosting)…”

DICE has responded by banning thousands of accounts which have been doing this although as you may have gathered from reading above, there is no game code manipulation or hacking involved simply the use of an exploit. DICE told fellow gamers to screenshot and send in images of those who have been boosting and urges all Battlefield 3 players to not engage in boosting and catch those doing it in order to help make the game fairer for everyone.

Although it remains to be seen why DICE do not just fix the exploit and stop banning people for something which they have caused and is totally within the rules of the game. Not to mention the fact big sites like IGN popularized this with the pure intention of putting further pressure on the Battlefield 3 game ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 launch as it doesn’t take a genius to see IGN are Modern Warfare fan boys. Someone needs to be blamed and it would seem DICE are blaming their customers.



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