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DICE Releases 0-Day Patch for RTX Features on Battlefield V

NVIDIA RTX 20-Series Gamers Rejoice

DICE and EA has launched Battlefield V early, but it left many wondering when the NVIDIA exclusive RTX features will arrive. This of course, includes the gorgeous ray tracing effects previewed a few months ago. Plus, DLSS enhancements exclusive with the latest generation GeForce cards. Thankfully, the wait is not long at all since DICE has released a zero-day patch to add the features.

This patch comes in a very crucial time since many are starting to believe that RTX features may not arrive soon at all. Especially with other RTX games like Metro Exodus pushed back to Q1 2019. Shadow of the Tomb Raider supports the feature, but the game itself was underwhelming for many fans, judging by the user and critic reviews. Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries will also support the feature, but that title won’t be out until next year as well. So having an AAA game like Battlefield V support it now is good news for those who have the expensive RTX cards.

What is the Performance Penalty when Enabling RTX Features on Battlefield V?

We are currently preparing performance benchmarks for the game with the latest drivers and it should be published soon. For now, preliminary tests show that fully enabling RTX features on Ultra preset with the RTX 2080 Ti is still over 60+fps. So it is definitely not a slideshow. DICE has also added granularity settings for game, so users will be able to adjust how much performance penalty they can incur.

Ron Perillo

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