DICE Reveal “Angry Sea” Single Player Mission Walkthrough At AMD GPU 14 Event

/ 4 years ago


DICE gave an apparently “exclusive” public preview of the Angry Sea single player mission from the upcoming Battlefield 4 title. The walkthrough of the mission came at AMD’s GPU 14 event and the Angry Sea mission was used to showcase the power of both the Frostbite 3 engine and AMD’s latest GPUs.


The photos are pretty low quality so I apologise in advance – this was the maximum quality of the live stream. The mission shows you starting off on aircraft carrier warship. As the mission progresses you fight your way out from the inside onto the deck.

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Upon reaching the deck the ship breaks in half from some aircraft strikes.


You then have to proceed through some broken parts of the ship to reach the other side of the aircraft carrier’s deck.


Upon managing to escape the aircraft carrier you get to jump into a small attack vessel and experience Battlefield 4’s naval combat.




Images courtesy of eTeknix via AMD LiveStream

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  • E Phuoc Hoang

    so free BF4 for the R9 290X?

    • Sean McAffry

      I could be wrong but I just don’t see it. Granted the never settle bundle has included some great games before, but I don’t see EA gifting out BF4.

      • jesse

        well they gave thousands of people humble bundle, so they might

        • Sean McAffry

          Right but that was after almost two years of the game being out.

    • http://www.eteknix.com/amd-says-bf4-will-bundled-limited-number-r9-290x-pre-orders/

      It will be bundled with a limited number of pre-orders. Not really “free” but will be included.

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