DICE to pursue Mirror’s Edge 2

/ 6 years ago

According to DICE there is a market to make a sequel to the game Mirror’s Edge. Apparently the developers also have ideas of how to develop the game in such a way that will “reach a broader audience”.

DICE producer Patrick Liu also went on to say:

 “I think it’s something that people are ready to get into again, We see that there’s a huge fan following, it’s almost like a cult! And we know what strengths we had, and what weaknesses we had in that game. If we were to release a new game, we’d know what to improve and how to reach a broader audience. So I definitely think there’s a market there.”

Development of the sequel was apparently stalled in February, probably as DICE focused on Battlefield 3 but their General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson said a sequel was now more likely after the success of Battlefield 3.



One Response to “DICE to pursue Mirror’s Edge 2”
  1. Lag says:

    There was always a market, and they should have been making this long ago 😛

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