Did BBC Just Release 10 Episodes of Doctor Who on BitTorrent?

/ 3 years ago


BBC has been known to be very helpful in providing access to the latest Doctor Who content in the past. Even so, the company seems to take its content to a whole new level of sharing.

10 episodes of the most recent season have been made available via BitTorrent. Now we know that ‘free’ associated with the word ‘torrent’ means a whole different thing on the internet, but BBC appears to embrace the latest content sharing technique regardless of its never-ending debates.

The episodes are said to come with a short intro video featuring the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, as well as a preview of the first instalment, namely ‘Rose’. Fans who desire to get more than that need to pay $12 to get the rest.

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There is no mention regarding their quality, but looking at the previews, it seems to be quite high. The episodes can be streamed directly or downloaded to be viewed offline from here.

Thank you Gizmodo for providing us with this information

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3 Responses to “Did BBC Just Release 10 Episodes of Doctor Who on BitTorrent?”
  1. Whoever wrote this must not be a fan of the show. Reading the titles tells you that they’re not all from this past season.

  2. Did the websites design change or something

  3. EIther way I enjoy my pirated high bitrate,5.1 audio version xD

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