DirectX 12 to Allow GeForce and Radeon GPUs to Work Together

/ 3 years ago


The latest leaks about DirectX 12 promise some great things for us all, at least if they pan out. Hardwareheaven got quite the scoop from an insider in the program and it looks like Radeon and Nvidia graphics cards will be able to work together in future versions of Windows.

Currently, multi-GPU setups need to be from the same chip manufacturer as well as have the same amount of VRAM. The reason for this is the direct mirroring of the rendered frame between the cards. DirectX 12 will have Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU capabilities that effectively throws all resources into the same pool.

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The new method is called Split Frame Rendering (SFR) and it replaces the old Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) with its 4 + 4 = 4 limitation.

This is awesome news for everyone. Not only will it allow you to mix and match every feature from both camps, it will also open up completely new possibilities for programmers and the content they create.

Source: Tom’s Hardware via TweakTown

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