DirectX 12 Will Reportedly Treat Multiple GPUs as a Single Entity

/ 3 years ago


There aren’t many days that go by at the moment where we don’t hear something new about the upcoming DirectX 12. We’ve already been teased with 600K draw calls and a boost on AMD card performance by up to 600% as well as up to 100 frames per second difference between DX11 and DX12.

In the last one, Brad Wardell revealed that he was using a Crossfire system with a currently unreleased GPU, and we can assume it was the R9 390X. This doesn’t just point towards the new cards being out in the wild and being tested and optimized for an impending release – hopefully.

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Brad Wardell added, “one thing it does make it easy to treat multiple GPUs as a single identity”. This is more great news towards future graphic-intensive games and applications that to this day still don’t work all that well with multiple cards.

Thanks to TweakTown for providing us with this information

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4 Responses to “DirectX 12 Will Reportedly Treat Multiple GPUs as a Single Entity”
  1. Soloman says:

    so 2x 970gtx maybe super cool in every dx12 game?

    • Júlio Sencadas says:

      No it means that developers can push their games visuals even more, since there isn’t a drawcall bottleneck like in previous years when gamedevelopers would have to lessen the drawcalls need for the end user to have aceptable FPS ingame…

      I hope i clarifyed the issue.

  2. Scion says:

    600% increase when compared to DirectX 9! Do you know when that API launched? 2002… I’d bloody well hope there was some improvement after 13 years!

  3. Júlio Sencadas says:

    At last some piece of software to agregate all that unused VRAM

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