Dirt 3 Complete Edition to Receive a Realistic Lighting Mod

/ 2 years ago

dirt 3 lighting mod

Dirt 3 Complete Edition came out quite a few years ago, and it brought with it a series of important additions to this renowned racing game. These included the Monte Carlo Rally Pack, the Mud and Guts Car Pack and the Mini Gymkhana Special Pack, all of which managed to breathe new life into this action-packed title. Now, it looks like modders are looking to do the same thing by altering the game’s original lighting effects in order to make them more realistic. As you can probably imagine, creating such a mod was no easy feat, especially since its maker had to rewrite a generous number of shaders in order to alter the lighting in a significant way.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is still a work in progress, which means that the mod is not yet available for download. However, you can make note of the changes yourself by having a look at the following video.

Apparently, Dirt 3 has quite a bit of modding potential, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more mods for this awesome game. Even though it would probably be quite difficult to pull off, a mod altering the title’s physics would be greatly appreciated, especially since Dirt 3 is not exactly the most accurate rally simulator.

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