Disabled PS4 Fans Stunned By Free Console Gift At EBGames Expo

/ 4 years ago


The EBGames Expo has run its course, bringing Australia its first in depth look at next-gen hardware from Sony and Microsoft. There have no doubt been many interesting stories and personal tales from the show, but one stood out just that little bit extra than the others, the story of a group of disabled gamers who were using wheelchairs at the event.

Sony and Microsoft both made the mistake of setting their demo units up stairs with no wheelchair access, although having not been to the show this could have been due to space limitations or just the layout of the exhibition centre in general. What is interesting is the way that Sony and Microsoft handled the situation. I’m not up for trolling Microsoft or anything either, but it does seem like they just can’t catch a break in terms of PR recently.

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Sony decided that since they couldn’t get disabled gamers up stairs, the gave their disabled fans a special ticket that will get them a free PlayStation 4 on release day! How awesome is that!

Check out the full story below, but you know these kids were hoping for a free Xbox One from Microsoft when they headed over there, can’t blame them for trying.


Personally I think this is pretty cool of Sony, it sounds like they realised their mistake prior to any gamers turning up and had a contingency to make sure all their fans left happy. I know a free PlayStation 4 would certainly put a smile on my face!

Thank you Gameranx for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Gameranx.

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  • Anmol Beri

    Thats why sony is sony and xbox is xbox.

    • Flenix

      This is like saying “thats why ford is ford and corsa is corsa”. Just pointing it out 😉

      • Zetsumei

        EA is EA and Valve is Valve

        • firelynx

          Windows is Windows and Apple is Apple

        • Flenix

          Naa they’re both companies. He said one company and one product, that was my point 😛

      • Anmol Beri

        What i meant was that, sony is a consumer oriented company, while xbox just want to fill in their bank
        At the end of the day both companies are here for business, but which actually takes good care of their consumer will ultimately have better sales and bank balance.

        • Xavier Isaacson

          I think you mean Sony is Sony, and XBOX is Microsoft.

  • Skidmarks

    Nice gesture Sony. Hopefully they’ll do the same thing here. I’ll take my wife along (who is disabled), maybe she’ll get given a PS4 to gift to one of the less fortunate kids out there.
    We were fortunate enough to win a PS3 when it was released which we gave away to a handicapped children’s home. The joy it brought to the kids brought tears to our eyes.

  • Angela Briggs

    Nice gesture, and at least they apologized, and admitted that this shouldn’t have happened. Hopefully both they and other big companies will make suitable arrangements in future, so that disabled people are not excluded from attending all areas at these events.

  • Jimmy Wls

    Well… PR makes it all. 😛

  • Jake

    sounds more like the Expos fault… they wanted to put all next gen stuff upstairs, Sony just found a good way to spin it and acted proactively.

    either way, happy for the people who got the free PS4s

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