Discrete graphics shipments down 7% over last year

/ 5 years ago

The most recent general graphics market share report showed increasing dominance from Intel, reflecting a decline in discrete graphics shipments as people stick with lower cost Intel HD graphics. Now the discrete graphics report for Quarter 2 of 2012 has come out confirming that assumption.

The reports considers GPUs used in desktop PCs, workstations and servers. This includes both factory installed or sold separately parts.

AMD and Nvidia still dominate the market with 99.6% of the share between them. Nvidia dominated Q2 of 2012 but its share had fallen from 61.9% in Q1 to 59.3% in Q2. AMD clawed some market share back going from 37.8% to 40.3% between Q1 and Q2. The year-on-year figures still show Nvidia as increasing market share even if it lost a bit of ground in Q2.

As to the overall state of the market. Quarter on Quarter figures between Q1 and Q2 show a seasonal decline of 6.5%, which is normally expected to be 11.3% based on the long term average. Although, the year-on-year figures show that discrete graphics shipments are down 7% for the same period last year to 14.8 million.

Traditionally, sales pick up in Q3 but the firm didn’t venture to make any predictions, claiming this has been a very turbulent year and that the world-wide economic conditions are just too uncertain.


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