Dishonored PC Review

/ 5 years ago

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This week I have been spending time with Dishonored, the latest game from Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Arkane have been around since 1999 and are known for their work on the design, animation and art of the very successful BioShock 2.

Dishonored launched earlier this month for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC but for the purpose of this review we will be taking a look at the PC edition that is available on Steam.

There are no shortage of FPS games on the market today, in fact there hasn’t been a shortage of them for a very long time now. With so many games being a near copy/paste of the last one, yearly updates to the popular ones or just blatant rip-offs of last years best seller. As much as I love a great FPS game, the genre can be a little tiresome and repetitive at the best of times. But can Dishonored break this habit and bring something new to the mix?

Dishonored caught my attention because it’s a new IP, that means it’s not a sequel, its not a prequel  it’s not got a number after its name and it’s a whole new world of places and people to explore, which as a keen gamer, is an experience I desire the most from my games.

So come and take a look at the next few pages where I dive into the dark and highly stylised steam punk city of Dunwall.


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6 Responses to “Dishonored PC Review”
  1. Nice review. Excellent screenshots and game description. I’m happy at system requirements. LOL. I can play this game.
    I will purchase simply because of this review. Thanks eTeknix.

  2. Nosgoth1979 says:

    That was a great, detailed review. I’ll be playing Dishonored
    on PS3, but I’ve heard there’s very few differences between the console and PC
    versions. It sounds like an excellent game; I’m just not sure about buying it
    yet. After some highly anticipated games (like Deus Ex: Human Revolution) have
    left me a bit skeptical, I started following some advice I got from one of my
    coworkers at DISH—now I don’t buy a game until after I’ve rented it and had a
    chance to log at least a handful of hours on it. It’s saved me a good deal of
    money in the past six months or so. So Dishonored is already in my Blockbuster
    @Home queue, and I’ll get to play it soon; I’m still busy with Borderlands 2

    • Peter Donnell says:

      Same here, Borderlands 2 is (quite happily) eating up a lot of my time.

      I felt scorned by Deus Ex too, damn I hated that game!

      • Nosgoth1979 says:

        Nice…scorned is the perfect word for my feelings toward Deus Ex. I mean what kind of ending was that? It didn’t resolve any of the storylines, we never find out what happens to most of the main characters, what the blonde Dr’s (I can’t remember her name) level of involvement was… I could go on and on.

        I’ve heard that Dishonored story and ending is kind of so-so too. In your opinion how does it compare to Deus Ex: HR?

        • Peter Donnell says:

          End is actually rather disappointing story wise it isn’t that grand either and is riddled with plot holes. But this is nothing new to us gamers, it’s something that I’m sad to say we’ve become accustomed to, fortunately the games gameplay mechanics make it an enjoyable ride, so it’s all good 🙂

          • Nosgoth1979 says:

            Well that’s a bummer. Thanks for the forewarning though, I’ll be sure not to get too invested in the story so I don’t get angry at teh ending LOL.

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