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Don’t Panic… But YouTube (and Discord) is Down!


As part of our work, and I promise you it is mostly for work reasons, we regularly utilize Google services such as YouTube or Google Docs as a means of checking and keeping our content as fresh as possible for you. As you can imagine, therefore, we’re always pretty quick to notice when something has gone wrong.

And, while we don’t want you to panic, there is some big news afoot at the moment. Are you sitting down? Good, because YouTube is down! – On a less dramatic note, but certainly as inconvenient, Google Docs and Gmail also appear to not be working!

EDIT – We’ve also received reports that Discord is also down at the moment!

YouTube is Down

We first noted the problem when attempting to locate some videos for our review and news content. Having confirmed this across several of our staff members, we then decided to take a look at ‘Down Detector’ and, as you can clearly see above, problems reported on YouTube have just hit a colossally huge spike since around 12 midday (UK time) and appear (at the time of writing) to still be on-going.

This isn’t just isolated to YouTube either as we have also been able to confirm that Google Docs also isn’t working. Albeit, mildly surprisingly, the search engine and Google Drive do appear to be as normal!

What Will I Do?…

Admittedly, by the time you read this, the problem may have been resolved. For it to have already been out for 20-30 minutes, however, is clearly suggestive that something has gone very wrong at Google HQ.

Without falling into the traps of hyperbole or some kind of ‘hacking’ suggestion, yes, it’s probably just a bug they’re trying to work out, or maybe even a server update, but try clicking the link here and see what you get, because all we’re getting at the moment is that monkey above!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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