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Doom 4 Vanilla Demake Mod is Old-School Cool

Do you know what’s cool about the original Doom games? Bloody everything, that’s what! Of course, the modding scene literally never went away for this franchise either. So, it’s of little surprise that Doomworld’s “Noiser” has released an amazing Demake of Doom 4.

Doom 4 Vanilla

The mod is the end result of two years of development. That’s pretty impressive, and it can’t have been easy porting the graphically more complex Doom 4 right down to the original Doom 2 launcher. It’s a versatile but obviously much more limited gaming engine.

What’s New

It’s not all back to basics though. The mod brings in new COLORMAP effects, new weapon effects, multi-ability monsters, and even some new demon abilities to Doom 2. Doom 4 gets a demake, but Doom 2 gets one hell of an upgrade I guess.

  • New demon abilities:
    Mancubi with flamethrowers, Revenants using jetpacks, charging Pinkies, insta-moving Summoners… all the good stuff!
  • Tough weaponry:
    As the 2x faster Chaingun, the Super Chainsaw that can kill almost any demon, a “glory-killing” sequence of punches and weapons with faster animations. Visually, it’s a mix of the original sprites by Neccronixis with some details from Franco Tieppo’s version.
  • A refined set of enemy sprites:
    At least a better job compared to my initial attempts from 2016, some of them reworked from scratch. You can see the full bestiary down here.
  • The Doom4mator:
    An extensive change of textures\flats to set any map on a Doom 2016 mood, including foundries on the surface of Mars or Hellish canyons filled with toxic waste.
  • Powered by DMXOPL:
    The amazing soundbank made by Csonicgo. Listen to a new selection of tracks (a few of them from Doom 2016) with improved OPL instruments. Perfect for some heavy djent riffs!
  • Unusual vanilla effects:
    • Brightmaps for sprites and textures
    • Blood splats on floors
    • A custom palette with vivid tones
    • New COLORMAP tint effects
    • Centered weapons when fired
    • Monsters with multiple abilities

Doom 2016 the Way 1993 Did It. After almost two years, I’m proud to announce my biggest project so far: It’s a gameplay mod inspired by Doom 2016, made to be compatible with any source-port (or without any of them). 100% vanilla compatible and full of dehacked tricks! All under the limitations of the original Doom2.exe” said Noiser

How to Play

Doom 4 Vanilla can be download easily enough. It’ll work with any Doom source port too, so that’s simple enough too. Grab the file here!

Peter Donnell

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