Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Reveals Super Saiyan Blue Goku

/ 2 months ago

Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Reveals Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Bandai Namco has released yet another reveal trailer showing gameplay for their upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ game. This time it features the most powerful incarnation of Son Goku yet in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Officially, the form is called SSGSS or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. This is because the initial step to get that form is to reach Super Saiyan God status. Through intense training however, both Goku and Vegeta can now go directly to the SSGSS form without doing the Super Saiyan God ritual.

The new trailer shows off the moves unique to SSGSS Goku, including his power up ability which stacks his x10 Kaioken technique on top of his godly powers. Considering he is already quite powerful, it is not surprising that he was not given his Ultra Instinct technique. Unless, Bandai Namco is keeping it hidden until launch.

Last week, Bandai Namco officially announced the inclusion of Beerus, the God of Destruction and legendary assassin from Universe 6 Hit. That puts the current roster at 24 fighters, some of which are alternate variants like Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

Now Available for Pre-Order

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming out soon on January 25, 2018 and it is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering gives users early unlock access to both SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta. Plus, players get two exclusive lobby avatars and three stamps. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku Reveal Trailer

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