Dragons Dogma Dev Diary

/ 6 years ago

Today we have a developer diary from the creators of the epic looking and epic sounding Dragons Dogma, a game set in a mythical world thats not only populated by online players, but also by hundreds of full voice acted characters and pawns (the video will explain what they are).

With its unique blend of gameplay formulas, taking hints from Skyrim, World of War Craft and god knows what else to bring you the sort of game developers seem to shy away from on console, its a title that much like many that have gone before it that could fall flat on its face, you know, because its not Call of Duty.

Check out the video below to learn a lot more about the game, prepare yourself though as you might find your about to add another game to your wish list for 2012.

Dragons Dogma (Capcom) is coming to Xbox and PS3 soon.


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