Dragons Dogma Gameplay Footage

/ 6 years ago

This game is shaping up to be something very special, learn a bit more about it from the developers in the DEV Diary which you can view here.

Set in a mythical universe of monsters and magic, work together with other players online in a style that as far as I am concerened is a new concept, online time will tell if the format will work, but for now I am very excited to see how this one turns out.

Below we have some gameplay footage of multiplay players teaming up the take done the Ur-Dragon, using an asynchronous, online encounter system where each player takes on the dragon at the same time, with any damage they deal contributing to the worldwide efforts of other players to slay the near invisible monster.

Once defeated, everyone who had a hand in its defeat is rewarded, more rewards going to the champion who deals the final blow, those who did the most damage, even to those who died trying, the better you do, the better the reward, but this game isn’t just about killing a dragon, this is merely one foe in a game world that almost a combination of Skyrim and Warcraft.

Dragons Dogma (Capcom) is coming to Xbox and PS3 soon.



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