DRAM Price Could Rocket up to 40% by Christmas

/ 6 months ago

Corsair Launches Venceance RGB DDR4 Memory Kits DRAM

DRAM Prices Continue to Rise

DRAM Prices have been increasing at an alarming rate in recent years. We have seen the price nearly double in the last 12 months alone and things are not set to get any better. You might be wishing you had gone for that upgrade as prices show no indication of stabilizing.

When I upgraded to a new system a few months back, I remember cringing at the time at just how expensive DRAM had gotten. Don’t get me wrong, good quality high-end DRAM was never cheap, but it rightly held the title for a long time of being the best inexpensive upgrade you could do. Yes, solid state drives have, in my opinion at least, stolen that title as their prices have, in contrast, have come down a little, but still, the amount in which DRAM has rocketed in the last year is eye-watering and in a report by PCGames, the prices could set to top over 40% by Christmas.

Earlier this year, we touched on the possibility of the price increase. Manufacturing issues have been a factor, including limits in the physical supply of the components necessary to make the memory.

Even in recent months, supply hasn’t been as high as the market would like.

As the old business adage goes, the price is dictated by supply and demand and at the moment, demand is a lot higher than supply.

People just can’t get enough of that RGB memory goodness.

Will the prices ever regulate?

It’s difficult to say. For years suppliers squeezed RAM manufacturers for competitive prices when the supply massively outstripped supply. Now, the boot is very firmly on the other foot. As such, companies are looking for a little bit of payback.

Corsairs excellent Vengeance DRAM has been one of the major highlights of this increase. A couple years ago, you would have been able to pick up 8gb for about £40-£50. These days, good luck getting it for under £90.

If you want to get that memory upgrade, it might be best to do it now. Clearly holding out for a lower price could see you have a much longer wait that you might have expected.

And yes, I did say Christmas. Now I’ve said it, it’s official. Christmas is coming.

Corsair Launches Venceance RGB DDR4 Memory Kits

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    Why did you have to mention the C word?! 🙁

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