Driver Completes All-Electric Cross Country Journey In Tesla

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A cross country drive the US is no small task, with a journey that can stretch to 12,000 miles the fuel costs alone can be enough to put many people off, but what if you were to do it twice, including a trip up and down both both coats too? Well that’s exactly what Normal Hajjar has done, but he did it in the Tesla Model S.

As you may know, the Tesla Model S is a fully electric vehicle, not a hybrid. This means that to complete the journey, Normal had to plan his route to ensure he would be able to stop and wait for his car to be recharged before he could continue his epic journey. Not only that, but he will have also had to plan his route to ensure that he actually has places to recharge the vehicle, especially important since you wouldn’t want to run out of power half way through the middle of nowhere.

“The reality is that it’s not difficult at all, other than the whole ordeal of driving which is the same with any gasoline vehicle. The key to this is fast-charging infrastructure.” said Normal when speaking to Fast Co. in a recent interview. “I think Tesla has an enlightened approach to it. They see, correctly, that the infrastructure is part of the vehicle. It’s every bit as much a part of the vehicle as the nuts and bolts and the steering wheel.” he added.


Normal Hajjar isn’t just any other Tesla owner, he is in fact the research director for Recargo, the market of an app that locates charging stations from the Pacific Northwest to Main, down to Florida and back across the country. Obviously he has just got the best hands on experience of anyone in the US and it’ll be interesting to see how many follow in his footsteps tire tracks.

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