Drones will Help Prevent Exam Cheating in China

/ 3 years ago

drone china cheating

Cheating, whether we’re talking about a game of cards or a very important exam, is quite frowned upon in all corners of the world, and with all the incredible advancements in technology, it seems to become easier and more popular as the years go by. In China at least, students sometimes resort to wearing high-tech vests that allow them to communicate with friends outside of the exam room. Tiny hidden cameras in pens can also be used to snap quick photos of exam papers, and the list goes on.

In order to keep up with these methods, Chinese authorities resorted to something even more technologically impressive. During the country’s notorious University entry exams, drones will keep a watchful eye on students and will scan for any suspicious radio signals from an altitude of 500 meters above the exam halls. The solution seems to be necessary as about 9.4 million high school students are expected to sit in for this year’s exams alone. According to The Beijing Times, metal detectors will be placed at entryways in order to further prevent cheating, and police officials will be on site to help deal with “sudden incidents.”

Do you think that China’s anti-cheating methods will prove effective?

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