Drunk-Detecting Cameras Installed in Japanese Train Stations

/ 2 years ago

railway tracks cameras japan

Whether we clicked out of curiosity or odd interest, most of us have seen a video of someone falling onto the railway tracks, and the image is never pretty. The danger is definitely real, as one small slip or loss of balance can mean the end of one’s life. This is particularly true for drunken commuters, many of which end up falling onto the tracks because of their inebriated state. Fortunately, the Japanese are taking measures to save their lives by installing a series of advanced surveillance cameras on train platforms. The railway cameras are installed by JR West and can detect if someone is drunk by analyzing a series of specific behaviors such as weaving across the platform or sitting on a bench for too long.

The railway cameras then alert station attendants who can come over and help the person in question before he does something that could cost him his life. These systems are currently installed only at the Kyobashi Station in Osaka, but they might arrive at other stations in the future. Earlier this year, JR West published another study that revealed something interesting: drunken people who wait for the train on benches facing the tracks rush to get up when they hear the train and can fall on the tracks because of the momentum. Consequently, the company is now working on a pilot study to have the benches face the ends of the platform instead of the tracks.

Thank you TheVerge for providing us with this information.

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