Duck Season Brings Duck Hunt to VR

/ 6 months ago

Duck Season Brings Duck Hunt to VR

Duck Season

Remember the classic NES game Duck Hunt? If you do, then your childhood was pretty awesome. I certainly remember having a few friends around and playing with the NES Zapper to shoot at my old tube TV. Those were some great gaming days. However, modern gaming isn’t exactly lacking in fun either, and with VR headsets being increasingly popular, you’ll now be able to step into the world of Duck Hunt.

VR Gaming

Stress Level Zero is developing the VR version of Duck Hunt, known as Duck Season. They’ve not just made this a simple arcade kicker either, and have put a twist on the game with a bit of story. Don’t trust that dog, he’s not just collecting your kills, and he’s not what he seems to be… whatever that means. The game will have multiple endings, subplots and hidden videos to find. Sounds interesting, but also a tad confusing.

Release Date

Duck Season will hit VR very soon. You’ll find it on Steam and the Oculus Store on September 14th.

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