DX12 Can Handle 600K Draw Calls, Increasing AMD GPU Performance by 600%

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DirectX 12, due to ship with the forthcoming Microsoft operating system Windows 10, is able to handle 600K draw calls and boost AMD card performance by 600%, according to Stardock CEO Brad Wardell.

The claims come courtesy of The Inner Circle, a group of Xbox One gamers who cover related news, interviews, and rumours associated with their console of choice. The Inner Circle interviewed Wardell on their latest podcast.

Wardell revealed that DX12 can manage 600K draw calls – essentially, the amount of objects that can feature on-screen at one time – comparing it to the meagre 6K draw calls that DX9 could render.

The AMD GPU claim of 600% improved performance is based on an Anandtech benchmark, running Oxide’s Swarm Tech demo on both DX11 and DX12 on an AMD Radeon R9 290X. DX11 ran at 7fps, whereas DX12 ran at 43fps, beating out AMD’s own API, Mantle, which managed 41fps.

Here’s a summary of everything discussed with Wardell, provided by NeoGAF member Livelife (verbatim):

-Anandtech AMD cards 7fps to 43fps running Nitrous engine DX12 engine.
-600% performance increase on AMD cards running full DX12 game engine.
-CPU cores n their performance more important in the future games .
-Directx 12 on Xbox Nov.
-Directx 12 runs better than Mantle on AMD cards.
-Dx9 uses max 6000 draw calls vs 600,000 on dx12.
-Naysayers are eating crow!
-“Marketing chose 40% increase slogan as real gains were too unbelievable for the masses to digest”
-limitless light sources in games.
-1000+ characters AI characters on screen.
-toy story/ lord of the rings graphics no deffered rendering.
-future Xbox cpu bound exclusives DX12 games to have these gains however dx12 games initially 30% gains as they transition from Dx11 to full new dx12 game engines using esram etc
-Not so much games for cross platform games.
-Fable Legends Dx12 game
-AMD/MS has mega DX12 news at GDC.
-Stardock developed Starswarm dx12 demo in 2 months. Starswarm would have similar performance gains on Xbox one i.e 600%. They have something major at GDC in the Microsoft booth.
-Stardock are developing DX12 game engine “Nitrous”. Star Control game will make sense console. They will license it to 3rd parties in future after they release 2 games on Nitrous engine.
-Phil Spencer managing expectations, as in November with DX12 on Xbox….. the games released then won’t look much different then until the new DX 12 game engines.

Source: DSO Gaming

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  • Kamil Gregorczyk

    600%? i think that’s some marketing bullshit

    • James Brand

      yep pretty much there is no way there is going to be a 600% improvement on either XB1 or PS4 since they have a very weak APU from a tablet that is not even in the same league as dual core i3

      • Divenity

        They said AMD cards, that means GPU, not CPU, and it was 600% from DX9, not 10, not 11, 9.. DX9 came out in what, late 2002, early 2003? Discounting whatever minor updates it had before DX10 came out, It’s frekin 12-13 years old at this point.

        That being said, Yeah, I highly doubt we will see a 600% improvement in real-world scenarios, but the improvements will still be outstanding.

        • RobertEmmet

          Hope we don’t get stung with DX11c on Windows7, like 9c on XP back in the day. Windows10 is a move in the right direction but I still need a workstation OS, not a tablet OS port. if I wasn’t so dependent on DX, I would have moved to Linux and OGL a long time ago.

        • Scott Beeler

          The AMD GPU claim of 600% improved performance is based on an Anandtech benchmark, running Oxide’s Swarm Tech demo on both DX11 and DX12 on an AMD Radeon R9 290X. DX11 ran at 7fps, whereas DX12 ran at 43fps, beating out AMD’s own API, Mantle, which managed 41fps. – That is the 600% increase in performance from DX11 to DX12, so yes, running that benchmark test did show a 600% increase from DX11 to DX12

        • Futilizer

          You really should read. It can make for an embarrassing moment. Let’s look at this carefully,

          “DX11 ran at 7fps, whereas DX12 ran at 43fps, beating out AMD’s own API, Mantle, which managed 41fps”

          If you look it says that it originally ran at 7fps on “DX11” (where did you get 9?) It ran 43fps on “DX12”.

          What 7fps x ? = 42-43ish fps? The answer is 6 (Obviously they rounded down)

    • Ironbunny IonBunny

      600% means more drawcalls.. more stuff going on the screen.. at the same time using the same amount of resources.

  • Shane Edwards

    Hmm so it takes mantle for Microsoft to bother push forward, the joys of a monopoly huh

  • Adrian Silvia-Flosi

    ” I personally haven’t seen anything that has stressed the HW on the Xbox one” Has he tried to play FM on the Top Gear test track. Every Xbone I have seen pretty much frame dropped into oblivion.

  • Pops

    Damn 600percent.Well isn’t gdc next month we will soon see for our own eyes.if this is true I see why spencer was saying that it wasn’t going to do much for xbox.because they want to catch sony sleeping and leave them in the dust.

    • Michael Norris

      That 600% is for Pc hardware Xone will be in the 10%-25% if that.

      • Hvd

        but that should be enuff to help push it to 6o fps on the console?

        • Michael Norris

          I just don’t see it happening both consoles are CPU bound.The API used for DX12 is something MS has made for Xbox one minus some features that MS may have not told us yet.At the end of the day you are still bound to hardware limits.Xbox one already uses a API that evenly offloads to those cpu cores just like DX12.

          We are already seeing a sub $150 GPU making sport with these consoles and that is w/o DX12 helping out on the core loads.Heck right now you can pair a I3 3240 with a Nvidia 750TI and beat both consoles for the most part,with DX12 the gap will get bigger and i can see people playing at 1080p 60fps on hardware @$400 minus the OS.

          • Hvd

            i think that dx 12 will put amd right on intels as*.intels 6 core and 8 core cpu’s are way to expensive like 600-1000.all of these pc elitest dont have those they still use the i7 4790k still just a 3.5 quad core.this will force intel to make changes or lower price to match amd.thats what i think anyway.if amd catches them and the fx8350 2.5 8 core cpu passes their $350 i7 4790k. they got to do something dont you think

  • Hvd

    i cant wait for dx12 im a amd fan my self.i got a 6350gpu 8gigs ddr3 1866 and im getting a r9 280x 3gb card soon

    • Michael Norris

      I agree i own a FX8350/GTX970/16gigs of HyperX Fury myself.I know DX12 scales to 6 cores so i really can’t wait to see the improvement not only to CPU performance but to GPU as well.One developer said they can gain around 20% GPU performance with minimum programing it’s some feature MS just added for Pc only.

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