€2,900 12GB Asus GTX Titan Black Card Makes An Appearance

/ 3 years ago


Nvidia are no stranger to creating ultra high-end graphics cards with prices fit for a king, and today is no different. A mysterious new Asus graphics card has appeared online; a 12GB edition of the GTX Titan Black with a price tag of €2,900!

The normal GTX Titan Black comes equipped with 6GB of memory and costs around €900, so this is a significant price increase over the standard model. To put this into perspective, only the Titan Z comes equipped with 12GB of memory to cater to its dual GPU architecture, so this is either a crazy over priced Titan Black with double the memory, or it’s a dual GPU Titan Black.

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The Asus GTX Titan Black-12GD5 features 12GB of memory, a standard dual DVI, HDMI and DP interface at the back, a price tag of €2,900; unfortunately that’s all the information we have right now, but we have to wonder who would be prepared to pay this given recent hardware price drops following the launch of GTX 9xx series cards, as well as price drops of competing AMD graphics hardware such as the R9 295X2.

Thank you Chiphell for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Chiphell.

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  • beyond my reach , hehhe 🙂

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    my lord i’d never need to heat my house again . how do i tell my kids oh you have to eat the box my heater came in
    … more like sorry your collage fund now heats our house but hey look on the bright side daddy still can game … dam 12 gig’s of memory …. here’s an idea ill take mine with LN2 or with Liquid Helium

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