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EA Launches Huge PC Game Sale on Amazon UK

With it being the weekend right in the middle of the Summer holidays, this will mean different things to different people. For students, you’re halfway through one of the longest holidays you’ll ever have in your life, for parents you’re half-way through one of the longest holidays you’ll never have again until you’re finally not poor enough to retire. If you are, however, killing some of the time with gaming, then EA has some good news for you.

As a sale offered exclusively on their Amazon UK platform, some pretty huge discounts are on offer that, even I’ll admit, are tempting me into some mid-summer purchases!

EA Launches Amazon UK Sale

So, what’s on sale? Well, put simply some of their best-known games have some pretty huge discounts in terms of PC digital downloads. Some of our highlights include:

With more games available (including a lot of Sims 4 DLC packs) you can check out the full sale via the link here!

What Do We Think?

Firstly I must admit to being more than a little surprised to see this sale offered by Amazon UK. It does, incidentally, appear to be exclusive to that country, but at the same time, I don’t see why international buyers couldn’t qualify with a bit of leg work.

I must say though that having long watched it from afar, I might (finally) have to get Star Wars Battlefront 2, for £3.99 that solo campaign surely has to be worth it? In addition, Titanfall 2 was a truly excellent game!

So, it’s a great sale quite frankly and although entirely unexpected, we’ll happily take it none-the-less.

What do you think? What do you think is the best deal in this sale? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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