EA Register Battlefield 13 to 20 Domains

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EA has not even released Battlefield 4 yet but that hasn’t stopped it registered Battlefield 13 to 20 domains. Battlefield also already owns Battlefield 1 to 9 domains but 10, 11 and 12 have reportedly been secured by a third party.

With Battlefield 4 expected out by the end of this year it is unlikely we will ever see a Battlefield 13 in the next 15 years or so, unless EA significantly ramps up its game development cycles in a similar style to Call of Duty. I sincerely hope that never happens because waiting 2 years for good games is better than getting a mediocre game every year.

EA has probably only secured these domains to prevent its intellectual property from being exploited in the future by far-sighted business people looking to make a quick buck at EA’s expense. However, a lot of people have taken a different view suggesting that EA is looking to speed up the release cycle of the Battlefield series.

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Apparently the launch of next generation consoles is going to be the spring-board to allow EA and DICE to developer and create better Battlefield games at a faster pace.

Either way nothing has been confirmed by EA and as far as we can see Battlefield 3 is still the focus of most people’s attention and will be until its release later this year.

What are your thoughts on this? Is EA looking to speed up the release cycle? Or is EA just sensibly defending its intellectual property?

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