EA Solves Cheating Issue in FIFA 23 PC Port – Just Don’t Let the Game Boot!

It’s been several years since I last felt compelled to buy a FIFA title on release. Well, particularly since EA continued to think it was ok for the PC version to effectively be based on the last-gen port (PS4/Xbox One, etc.). – With FIFA 23 finally making the transition to the PS5/Xbox Series X/S version, however, while I still didn’t buy it on release, I was now somewhat erring towards getting it at some point before Christmas.

For those who did buy it on release, however, it seems that many have been having trouble with just the basic business of, you know, actually loading the game up! – Yes, in news that will likely shock no one, it seems that EA has botched the PC release of FIFA 23 and it’s all ‘thanks’ to their anti-cheat measures.

FIFA 23 – You Can’t Cheat If You Can’t Play

With FIFA 23 introducing full-cross play mechanics, while this is certainly great for those who want to play between console and PC, it’s also (sadly) opened the doors to the reality that, quite frankly, the PC gaming market is a bit of a murky pool when it comes to legitimate gamers. Yes, most are honest, but sadly, a pretty significant portion are not. And when it comes to a game as competitive as FIFA, EA was clearly rather keen to get things off to a strong start with a firm anti-cheat measure being in place.

The problem, however, is that their anti-cheat system is so amazingly terse that it’s outright preventing some people from even being able to boot the game up at all! – No, not all, but based on the number of reports, this goes way beyond an isolated problem!

What Should I Do?

EA has at least confirmed that the issue exists, and more so, that it is due to a conflict in their anti-cheat system. – At the time of writing, however, they are still yet to fully resolve the problem with, basically, many PC owners of FIFA 23 now left with a game that will not be able to work until a patch is released (kinda feels like Red Dead Redemption 2’s disastrous PC launch all over again).

It does, of course, go without saying that EA will be working pretty hard to get this fixed as soon as possible (they’re probably having cold sweats thinking about the microtransaction money they’re missing out on!). – For the moment though, if you were perhaps considering checking out FIFA 23 on PC, you might just want to give it another week. (or maybe 4) for EA to get a handle on this problem, and, hopefully, get it resolved!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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