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EA Sparks Panic Following A Poorly Worded E-mail

The chances are they if you’re an avid PC gamer, then you probably (like it or not) have the EA Origin app installed on your system. Now, as always, you’ll regularly be encouraged to ensure that your account security is kept in the best shape possible and it seems that if you have taken the time to do this then EA is ready to reward you with a months free subscription to their ‘Premium’ service.

Sounds good right?…

Well, in a report via PCGamesN, however, in informing those who have qualified for this freebie, a poorly worded e-mail from EA has sparked panic amongst many users that their accounts may have instead been hacked! – Don’t worry though, this isn’t another one of those problems!

EA Sparks Panic with Poorly Worded Email Containing Good News!

The e-mail itself has the rather basic title “You’ve redeemed an Origin Access membership code.”. What it doesn’t tell you, however, is that you didn’t actually technically redeem this. EA instead decided to give it to you as a present for taking your account security to a higher security tier.

As you can see below, however, this e-mail doesn’t reflect that this is a free gift from EA. It instead looks like someones got onto your Origin account and started buying things!

Even I’ll admit, if I saw this e-mail arrive in my inbox, I’d start worrying!

Who Is Receiving These E-mails?

If you upgraded your Origin account to two-factor authentication before October 30th, then you should qualify for this free month of premium membership. That is, at least, the theory. I only say this as I’m pretty sure I have 2-factor authentication and haven’t had any e-mails yet.

Anyway… While adding higher-levels of security to your online accounts is always a good thing, you don’t need to bother rushing now to do this with Origin simply to qualify for this. Put simply, you’ve missed the boat there I’m afraid.

I think we can all agree, however, that in this age of increasing concerns about online security, EA should’ve thought this through a little more! Ok, a lot more!

What do you think? Do you think EA missed a great opportunity to really capitalize on this freebie? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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