EA Steering User Ratings In Their Favour With Dungeon Keeper for Android

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Two years award-winning “Worst Company in America”, Electronic Arts, is now said to be ‘steering away’ players who don’t want to give a good review by posting them on their own website instead of Google Play Store.

The scheme is said to be present on their freemium game, Dungeon Keeper, on android devices. They application is said to prompt the user with usual Rate This App message present in every application, giving users the possibility to rate it either 5 stars or between 1 to 4 stars.


If the user is willing to give the app 5 stars, the app will take the user to the Google Play Store, as every application does when the user chooses to rate the application. But if the user wants to rate it lower than 5 stars, the app will pop an e-mail from where the user can send the feedback only to EA instead of voicing the opinion on the Google Play Store.

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Of course, if you want to leave a comment on the Google Play Store, you can manually visit it and leave your thoughts there. But in a world where reviews count to an app’s success, EA is certainly making all odds in its favour.

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  1. mr2k9 says:

    Douchebaggery at whole new level…

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