EA to shut down servers for Fifa 11, NFL 11, NBA Jam and more games this month

/ 5 years ago

EA made a service announcement that their official servers will be shutting down for few of their titles due to only a handful of players playing the game online and will shift services to games with a larger player base.

As written in the service announcement, there are fewer than 1% who play older EA titles and since its not feasible for them to continue running the servers for such a small number of players, they should shift their resources and IT staff for more popular games played by 99% of its users.

Starting from January 3rd, EA would be cutting off online servers for FIFA Manager 11 for PC, followed by multiple titles such as FIFA Soccer II, FIFA Soccer II ultimate, NFL II, NFL II Ultimate team, NBA Jam, NBA Live, NCAA football II, NHL II, NHL II Ultimate team that runs for PC, PS3, Wii and/or Xbox 360 on January 11.

EA will also be cutting off The Sims 2 for PC and Mac and also its website. The last game to be cut-off will be Trenches II for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Via: Kotaku

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