EA Will Charge You Money For Petrol in Need for Speed: No Limits

/ 2 years ago

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As part of EA’s latest money-grab, the next Need for Speed mobile game is to feature in-app purchases (IAPs) for petrol. The ‘freemium’ game, called Need for Speed: No Limits, will offer players the opportunity to pay real money to fill up their tank in order to race.

need for speed petrol

It’s not just petrol that you can spend your hard-earned cash on – the best cars in the game are only available in exchange for gold bars, and gold bars are only obtainable by paying for them, making for a wildly unbalanced game that can only be fully appreciated via regular cash transactions. Though, at least the petrol gauge fills up over time, if you can wait.

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Though not yet available for Android, the iOS version of the game has been released in a handful of countries, with complaints about the IAPs already surfacing; the Android version is due out this Spring.

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  • Matthew Beckett

    No limits? Apparently not.

  • Peter Griffin

    how stupied do they think we are i will simply use a trainer if there is not own available then i will just stop buying Ea games there are plenty of better games out there

  • Chris

    Why are people freaking out on this? It is a mobile game, many many many mobile games use this kind of waiting system. Several of the most popular games do it too. You can play 5 times and then need to wait for x minutes to ‘refresh’ something or pay to refill instantly. Browser games do it all the time too. Sjees people, I know it’s EA and they do close to everything wrong, but the hype around this news is just too big.