Eager for Some Fast-Paced FPS Action? Reflex Arena is Here!

/ 8 months ago

Have you been missing your fix of games like Quake III and Unreal Tournament? Then get ready for the latest fast paced twitchy shooter; Reflex Arena!  The game has been in Steam Early-Access for two years now, where it was tweaked and improved to get it ready for the mass market; now it’s out of Early-Access and ready to rock it with the big boys.

“Reflex Arena is an old-school arena shooter that updates the dizzying speed and demanding precision of a classic arena FPS with the power of modern gaming technology. If you spent your youth gibbing your friends in Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament, then Reflex Arena is what you’ve been missing.”

Hailing from Australian developer Turbo Pixel Studios, the game is already a lot of fun, and has seen extensive updates in the last few years to fine tune the gameplay. The graphics are fun, the action is tight, and there are hundred of community-made maps already there for your enjoyment, and that number is steadily growing too.

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Those who want to sharpen their skills can play against AI-bots, and the first season of competitive play is already underway.

Turbo Pixel lead programmer Phil Brown said, “Arena shooters were a vital part of what made me love games in the first place—that pure sense of skill vs skill, that blinding speed and twitch-response gameplay. We felt like this was a style of game that needed to stage a comeback, keeping everything that made those games great but in our own powerful 3D engine and driven by smart online features. It’s a perfect marriage of old-school and cutting edge, and we couldn’t be prouder of it.”

Check out the trailer below:

Pickup Reflex Arena on Steam here while it’s on sale!

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